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Our Guarantee

We Make Luxury Affordable

Glamorous styling, dramatic silhouettes, and rich embroidery are what make dresseshop.co.uk one of the most exciting and sought-after online shop. Despite the amazing-look dresses, our prices (most under £200) are a fraction of the price of similar designer dresses.

We do...
  • Cut out the middleman and link you directly to designers and manufatures
  • Save you 50%-80% on high street dress shops
  • Use professional dress makers who worked with high street big names
  • Deliver to your with UPS or DHL
  • Build extra materials into dresses, to enable possible alternation
Local Retailer

We don't...
  • Sting you with local wholesaler mark ups
  • Charge you importers and exporters fees
  • Charge you for huge local warehouse fees
  • Use cheap and low quality materials

Top Quality Fabric & Exquisite Craftsmanship

Fabric - Fabrics used are imported high quality materials, shine under light and feel comfortable!

Satin We UseSatin We Use

We use 395 Taiwan Satin or 4810 Satin, which are of high quality, extra 30-35 gram heavier per square meters than cheap satin, have a natural glossy shine, don’t wrinkle easily, and are easy to iron or wash.

Poor Quality SatinPoor Quality Satin

Poor quality satin material lighter, wrinkle easily and have undershelming gloss.

Our Beading WorkOur Beading Work

The beads used are of high quality that shine under the light, beading work are sewn on by hand exquisitely to give the dress detailed and classic look.

Poor Beading WorkPoor Beading Work

Beads are glued on instead of sewn on by hand, the final dresses look cheap.

Craftsmanship - Our professional dress makers spend hours to work on even the smallest details, embroidery, embellishment, sewing and lining, to give the dress elegant and classic look.

Our Sewing WorkOur Sewing Work

The seams of our dresses are unraveling, flat and barely noticeable.

Poor Sewing WorkPoor Sewing Work

Poor sewing work doesn’t lead to finished seams; it bunches, rips and lays awkwardly on your body.

Fish Bones and LiningFish Bones and Lining

We use about approximately 14 fish bones depending on the dress style, to ensure the dress holds its shape, bones are capped so they don’t push through the lining, to follow your curve.

Less Fish BonesLess Fish Bones

Less fish bones make dresses scratchy and feel uncomfortable on your body, the use of less fish bones make the dress look flat with no style.

Interior ConstructionInterior Construction

The inside of the gown are tidy and seams are barely noticeable

Poor Interior ConstructionPoor Interior Construction

The inside of the gowns are messy, laying awkwardly on your body.

Built-in BrasBuilt-in Bras

Our dresses are made with built in bras that support your curve and enhance the look of your body.

Non-built-in BrasNon-built-in Bras

The bras of poor quality dresses are not built in, there move around inside and do not support your body and follow your curve.

Steps to Make Your Dream Dress

We are ordinary people that do everything with care just so your special day can be extraordinary!

Step 1 Communication

Step 1 Communication - To Understand What You Need

This is a must step to communicate with our sales person, either through emails or online services if you want to get your suits custom made. During the conversation, we can learn about your preference, your body type, the event yours suits would be used for and some other information that would help us with the suits making.

Step 2 Selections

Step 2 Selections - Decide the Design and Fabric

We will discuss the final design and fabric for your suits. This is the most important, part which would decide what your suits would look like. The same design may look different in different fabrics and prices are also differs from fabric to fabric.

Step 3 Measurement

Step 3 Measurement - To Ensure the Dress Would Fit You Perfectly

One of the most important reasons for custom made is to get a 100% fit dress for your event. As a result, take a correct measurement for your suit is vital. Please have a good look at our measure guide to ensure that you would not make any mistake in all the measurements.

Step 4 Producing

Step 4 Producing - 100% Custom Made And 100% Handmade

We promise we will hire only experienced dress makers. We will keep your measurement record for you so you will not need to measure again for your next purchase. All custom dresses are handmade by skillful dress makers. All suits would be unique and high quality!

Step 5 Quality Control

Step 5 Quality Control - To Ensure the Dress is Flawless

The dress-makers will examine the dress to see if it is what you ordered. We will carefully check every measurement to see if it is totally conform to what you order and so do the color and quality.

Step 6 Delivery

Step 6 Delivery - Fast & Free Shipping Worldwide

We cooperate with reliable national shipping carrier to ship dress to your doorstep, save your time and energy!