Where's my stuff?

Once you complete the checkout process, you will receive an email containing your 19-digit order number and a summary of all items purchased within a working day. If you have not received the order notification email, please check your spam folder and verify that your email settings are enabled to allow our automated email notifications. If you are unable to locate the order email, please contact us.

Order Tracking

The shipping method and carrier for your package will be listed in your shipment confirmation e-mail. If you have a tracking or delivery confirmation number, you can track your package by the carrier’s website.

Please note that for each shipment notification email you receive, tracking may not be available for the first 24-48 hours. If 48 hours have passed and you are still unable to track your order, please Contact Us.

How can I track my order?

The shipping method and carrier for your package will be listed in your shipment confirmation e-mail. If you have a tracking or delivery confirmation number, you can track your parcel at the carrier's website. You can find links to carriers' websites below.

Carrier Contact Information
DHL +44 (0) 844 248 0844
DHL PL (Tracking information in English, French, and German.)
DHL PL Polish (Tracking in Polish) To track your parcel here you'll need to enter "2310703" into the SAP code field.
+49 1805 345 2255 (from Poland)
UPS/td> +44 (0) 8457 877 877

It looks like my order hasn't been sent yet. What's going on?

If the estimated delivery date has passed, please wait a few days in case we may need more days to make your dress. Please contact us, and we'll do our best to send you the item before the shipping deadline.

The tracking for my order shows a delivery attempt but I wasn't able to accept my parcel. What do I do now?

We'd recommend that you contact the carrier directly to arrange a redelivery. It may be possible to collect your parcel, if you'd prefer.

The tracking for my order says it's been delivered but I haven't got it. What can I do?

Some carriers allow their drivers to release a package provided that a signature was obtained as proof of delivery. The signature can be requested from a neighbour. We'd suggest checking with your neighbours. If your package has been delivered to a neighbour, you may find that a card was left telling you where the parcel is.

Alternatively, the parcel may have been left in a secure location on your property. Please check the tracking information to see if it mentions a secure location.

If there's still no sign of your parcel please Contact Us and we'll do everything we can to help you.

My order seems to be on its way back to Dresseshop. Why?

Your parcel may be undeliverable. Carriers may deem a package undeliverable for several reasons, some of which are described below:

  • Incorrect Address: If the address is incorrect or outdated, the package is typically returned to us by the carrier or the unintended recipient. Please double-check your address carefully when placing a new order.
  • Failed Delivery Attempts: Most of our carriers will make more than one attempt to deliver a package. If they're unable to successfully deliver your order, the package will be returned to us.
  • In rare cases, address labels may become illegible in transit. If that happens, a carrier will return the package to us.

I haven't received everything I ordered. Where's the rest of my order?

Items you order from Dresseshop.co.uk may sometimes be sent in more than one delivery, even if you've requested that you receive them all together. Regardless of the number of deliveries you receive, you'll only be charged the amount that was originally quoted to you at the time you placed your order.

The packing slip in the box you've received will detail all the items that should be included in it. If there's an item listed on the packing slip that isn't in the parcel, please contact us.